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EyeDream Contact Lenses

EyeDream- Overnight Vision Correction

Imagine an alternative to laser eye surgery and a solution that bettered your sight and provided clear, comfortable vision without the need to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day. EyeDream does just that!

This new concept brings a unique, modern approach to an already well-established technique known as orthokeratology. No more restrictions on how long you wear your lenses, no more irritation from smoky, dusty or air conditioned environments and the freedom to be as active as you want.


Through overnight vision correction. Theses lenses gently reshape the eye as you sleep which reduces the power of the cornea. You put your EyeDream lenses in before you go to bed, take them out when you wake up, leaving you with clear natural vision all day. Ring and ask for more details, it’s clever stuff!


  • Low to mid shortsighted prescriptions.
  • Children who are becoming more shortsighted at a fast pace.
  • If you want clear natural vision all day, every day.
  • Problems with wearing soft contact lenses due to wear times and dry eyes.
  • Sporty people.
  • If you have considered refractive surgery because of the freedoms it provides, but you are worried about the potential risks that come with it

At Peter Booth Opticians, Preston, we have many patients using this latest form of contact lens technology. They range from 10 years of age into adulthood. They all express a feeling of ‘FREEDOM’ now that they are wearing EYEDREAM contact lenses.  All EYEDREAM patients get 10% off any non-prescription eyewear they require. So there’s no excuse to not be in some stunning on-trend sunglasses!