Stay Safe on the Roads – Good Driver Eyesight Matters Get your eyes tested regularly. Wear the right lenses. Around 2,900 road casualties are caused by poor vision every year in the UK. It’s estimated that 2-3% of drivers don’t meet the legal minimum standards for driving. And 12% of those who are required to wear glasses, … Continue reading “DRIVE SAFE!”

DRY EYES getting you down?

Dry eyes occur when the eyes either don’t make enough tears, or the quality of the tears produced is reduced, which means the tears can evaporate rapidly from the surface of the eye, allowing the eye to dry. Don’t let this condition get you down! Book a Dry Eye appointment to see an optometrist. Ask … Continue reading “DRY EYES getting you down?”


GET READY FOR SUMMER!! Cocoa Mint sunglasses are now in So why not call in and get yourself a gorgeous pair of new prescription (or non-prescription) sunglasses. Even better- they are half price when bought as a 2nd pair.  To book an appointment for an eye test just click the link above or just pop in … Continue reading “COCOA MINT SUNGLASSES”


We’ve been waiting for these gorgeous frames to come in. Whatever the occasion, these elegant and glitzy frames tick all the boxes. Available in beautiful striking plastics and stunning metals. Call in and have a try on!

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