Peter Booth Opticians


At Peter Booth Opticians we have unrivaled expertise and experience in dispensing prescription spectacle lenses.

We will ensure that you are given excellent professional advice and guidance in choosing the lenses which will be most suitable for your lifestyle and your prescription to provide you with the best possible vision.

Our independent status means that unlike the high street chains we are not restricted to just one supplier, we are able to offer our patients a much wider choice of lenses to correct even the most complicated prescriptions.

We are passionate about lenses and always offer the best in both quality and performance. Technology moves fast in optics and we always stay on top of the most recent technological advances in lens design. For example the latest tailor made varifocal lenses which are custom designed using frame and facial measurements taken with our computorised eyestation dispensing equipment. These varifocals will provide you with the ultimate in lens design and most comfortable vision.

Various coatings such as Transitions (light sensitive), Anti-reflection and Polarised are available to enhance how your lenses protect you from glare and sunlight whilst protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of Ultra Violet light.

If your prescription is particularly strong we can advise you on suitable thin lens options to reduce the weight and thickness of your lenses.

Our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians will ensure that your lenses are ideally suited for you and professionally glazed and fitted to your frames.

With our onsite glazing lab, we aim to get your new spectacles to you in the quickest time possible.