Peter Booth Opticians


At Peter Booth Opticians, we aim to ensure your children feel welcome and relaxed during their visit to the opticians. We are experienced in caring for young children and we try to ensure that children enjoy the experience of having their eyes tested and even find it fun!

Our children's frames are colourful, exciting, stylish and affordable.  We aim to find a frame that your child will love to wear.

Children should have their first eye test at around two and a half to three years old, but examinations can take place earlier if a parent has any concerns.

Throughout the first seven years of a childs life, the vision part of their brain is constantly developing. It is during this critical stage that most diagnosed problems can be corrected as there is still time to train any affected eye. Lazy eyes can be very difficult to detect without a formal examination and can only be treated while the child is young. So it is important that children have regular checks during this period of development so they can reach their full sight potential.

We now stock Centro style ACTIVE frames ideal for hospital prescriptions and young children. They have been designed especially to ensure a young child looks through the centre of the frame and not over the top. This is very important when trying to correct/ improve young eyes.

Children are seen FREE on the NHS and a voucher is issued if a child is found to have a prescription. This voucher will either cover the whole cost of glasses or go towards the cost of any spectacles.